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About Me

A Message From GP Hintz

Greetings! My name is Greg Hintz, but everyone has gotten to know me by my nickname GP Hintz. I have done a lot in my life that has led me to this moment of introducing myself to you. I have been everything from a chef to an EMT to a Nurse Technician to a missionary to a Children’s Pastor to a Hospice Worker to a Church Planter to a Public Speaker to a Life Coach and so much more! 

Even though these careers have been very different, I look back and I see the common cord linking them all…


I really do! From holding the hand of a dying man and spending his last moments with him to standing before thousands of people and delivering a message of inspiration and hope… they both are the same to me. They are about helping people.

I have traveled all around the world in an effort to help people. From the slums of Brazil to the jungles of Africa, I have traveled and spoke before thousands of people on my journeys. In every place I make new friends and hear new stories. Every one of their stories in some way becomes part of my story as I attempt to bring inspiration and hope to the world.

This inspiration manifests itself in many ways for me. I have done extensive work with those suffering with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. I have stood with those in the dark corners of drug and alcohol addiction. I have stood with those who have seen their lives torn to shreds by decisions that they have made and worked alongside them to renew and recreate a life that was filled with purpose and fulfilling.

I have also stood with those taking the next BIG step. Those who have something deep in their souls calling them to greatness, but can’t seem to break through to that next level. I have coached those to pull out of themselves that which is already there… the greatness that they are destined to achieve. They have become my inspiration.

I don't know your story or your struggle... yet

I don’t know the wall that is standing before you and your peak potential… yet. I don’t know that dream that keeps you up at night… yet. But, you do. And, you already know how to overcome and achieve your greatest dreams. It is in there… you just need some help pulling it out of you. 

If you are ready, so am I. Let’s get started. There is no time like the present. Don’t let today pass you by like yesterday did.